Microcut Ltd. was founded in 1995 and specialises in providing standard and customised machines for honing and lapping of small bores (Microcut® Bore Sizing MBS). In addition to the expertise of MBS, Microcut has achieved the market leading position as the solution provider for complete ferrule manufacturing setups in the fibre optic connector industry. Until today more than 600 machines were supplied into several highly specialised market sectors, e.g. fibre optic, semiconductor, automotive, tooling for flatscreen-pannels, medical as well as for various tool manufacturing. The core competences of Microcut cover the following 5 sections:  

Microcut® Bore Sizing


  Microcut® Bore Sizing (MBS)
Honing and Lapping
of bores with diameters 0.015 mm to  8.0 mm
   -  Machines
   -  MBS system: technology
   -  achievable quality criteria


  Outer diameter and concentricity grinding
Concentricity grinding to 0.0005 mm

Cylindrical pin frontend, radius chamfer and step

Wire grinding
  Ferrule manufacturing
Solution provider for ferrule manufacturing for fibre optic connectors

Honing tools

  • Honing and lapping tools in the diameter range of 0.015 mm to 8.0 mm
  Subcontracting: Microcut® Bore Sizing machines in operation for various  customer applications      

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