Applications and industries

Increased efficiency, downsizing and precision for various components with small bores are a must today and can only be achieved through highly specialized, state-of-the-art machining technologies. Microcut has the corresponding know-how and the necessary production facilities and machining processes.


Fuel and diesel injection systems (injector components)

Hydraulic control valves

Medical and analytics

Stents, capillaries
Ceramic components
Dental turbines



Punching, pressing tool and injection mould construction

Punch bores
Ejector pin bores
Valve gate nozzles
Hot runner nozzles

Scribing tools for hardened glasses

Glass cutting wheels

Bonding capillaries for chip production

Capillaries for wire bonders


Complete solution for fiber optics

Ferrules production

Aerospace industry

Regulating and control components
Hydraulic components