Micro­cut machi­nes: Exact­ly accord­ing to your needs

The machi­ne is typi­cal­ly con­fi­gu­red to cus­to­mer requi­re­ments accord­ing to the fol­lowing criteria:

  • Seri­al size
  • Dia­me­ter ran­ge of the bores
  • Diver­si­ty of parts
  • Degree of auto­ma­ti­on of the fee­ding system
  • Stock remo­val of the bore (num­ber of machi­ning steps)
  • Requi­re­ments on the final qua­li­ty of the bore

Micro­cut machi­nes: Modu­lar and scalable

The machi­nes are modu­lar and scala­b­le in terms of bore dia­me­ter and seri­es size.

The num­ber of spind­les depends on the seri­es size, the stock remo­val or the dia­me­ter range.

Micro­cut machi­nes: Auto­ma­ti­on included

The machi­nes are desi­gned for auto­ma­ti­on from the ground up and inte­gra­te scala­b­le part hand­ling direct­ly in the machine.

Bes­i­des manu­al loading, the fol­lowing auto­ma­ti­on opti­ons are common:

  • Round pla­te, which is loa­ded manu­al­ly and has an auto­no­my of up to 128 workpieces
  • Vibra­to­ry con­veyors and round plates
  • Robots and maga­zi­nes inte­gra­ted in the machi­ne room
  • Loading with exter­nal auto­ma­ti­on cells on 1 or 2 round plates
  • XY table as magazine
  • X axis and C axis for spe­cial applications

Micro­cut machi­nes: A selection

Below you can find brochu­res for selec­ted machi­nes. Typi­cal­ly, the machi­nes are con­fi­gu­red indi­vi­du­al­ly accord­ing to cus­to­mer applications.


Pre­cisi­on honing machi­ne with one honing spind­le and hig­hest fle­xi­bi­li­ty regar­ding part varie­ty for manu­al loading.

Machi­ne for the machi­ning of holes with diameter:
0.25 — 8 mm


Honing machi­ne with sonic-honing tech­no­lo­gy for hig­hest productivity

Machi­ne with up to 4 honing spind­les and 2 round pla­tes for ful­ly auto­ma­tic loading of holes with diameter:
0.25 — 8 mm


The solu­ti­on for the inter­nal machi­ning of Niti­nol tubes

Machi­ne for honing Niti­nol tubes with inner dia­me­ters from 0.8 mm to 8 mm, lengths up to 1700 mm and wall thic­kness from 0.1 mm to 0.3 mm


Over 120 times in dai­ly seri­es operation

Machi­ne for machi­ning the smal­lest bores of
dia­me­ter: 0.060 — 0.150 mm

For tech­ni­cal infor­ma­ti­on plea­se con­ta­ct us.


For the smal­lest bores

Machi­ne for machi­ning the smal­lest bores of
dia­me­ter: 0.015 — 0.060 mm

Micro­cut honing modu­le: Com­bi­ned processing

With the Honing Modu­le MH©cut we bring our 4.0 tech­no­lo­gy direct­ly onto a machi­ne tool, such as a hard tur­ning lathe, thus enab­ling com­ple­te finis­hing in one clamping.

Hon­mo­dul MH-Cut©

Pro­du­ce cylind­ri­ci­ty and round­ness µm-accu­ra­te in seri­es for bores of
1 — 4 mm

Check­list for Micro­cut Honing System

With this check­list we can assist you to find the best solu­ti­on for you. We will con­ta­ct you shortly.