Ser­vices for small bores

Micro­cut: Pro­cess deve­lo­p­ment, sam­ple parts, con­tract manu­fac­tu­ring and ser­vice from one source

We have dif­fe­rent types of machi­nes and the com­ple­te deve­lo­p­ment exper­ti­se in house. We are the­re­fo­re high­ly fle­xi­ble and able to exe­cu­te ser­vices for small bores like pro­cess deve­lo­p­ment and sup­ply sam­ple parts in a short time.

Micro­cut con­tract honing: Tailo­red to your seri­es size

Here you will find the ide­al solu­ti­on for your application

We offer con­tract pro­ces­sing with our tech­no­lo­gy for cus­to­mers who, for example

  • have too small seri­es for a capa­ci­ty uti­liz­a­ti­on of an own machine
  • would like to get to know our tech­no­lo­gy or
  • basi­cal­ly want to out­sour­ce this processing

Micro­cut con­tract honing: The advantages

  • No or delay­ed invest­ment in a machi­ne and own ope­ra­ting personnel
  • Micro­cut has the most modern and accu­ra­te mea­su­ring machi­nes for form and sur­face measurement
  • Fle­xi­bi­li­ty from batch size 1 to lar­ge series
  • Micro­cut is a part­ner who deals with high-pre­cisi­on bores on a dai­ly basis and is con­stant­ly deve­lo­ping in terms of qua­li­ty and efficiency
  • Start-up pha­ses can be bridged
  • Buil­ding con­fi­dence in a new procedure

Micro­cut con­tract honing: Honing of hot run­ner nozzles

We are spe­cial­ly equip­ped for the finis­hing of nozz­les and bus­hings in injec­tion mol­ds and hot run­ner systems.

Read the arti­cle “Prä­zi­si­on im Heiss­ka­nal

Abo­ve: Stan­dard pro­cess at the cus­to­mer’s site: Jig grinding
Below: Machi­ning with Micro­cut Honing System

Check­list for Micro­cut Honing System

With this check­list we can assist you to find the best solu­ti­on for you. We will con­ta­ct you shortly.