Microcut Honing System: Highest precision, easy to control

The Microcut Honing System developed specifically for smaller bores guarantees shape accuracy, surface quality and dimensional accuracy at the highest level even in series production.

Our technology has fundamental technical and economic advantages over established processes such as internal cylindrical grinding and long-stroke honing.

Especially for bores smaller than Ø 2 mm, where conventional processes such as honing and internal cylindrical grinding reach their limits due to the system, our process delivers previously unattained results.

With our unique innovative machining tools and the intelligent, force-sensitive control of the machining process, we offer an easily controllable and robust process with minimum dispersion.

The actual machining is carried out with tools coated with diamond or CBN grit (undefined cutting edge).

Our system is suitable for through holes.

sonic-honing technology: Highest precision AND productivity

The sonic-honing technology is based on the Microcut Honing System and is suitable for specific applications.

We combine the adaptive feed control* of the tool with a fast stroke of the workpiece in the sound range. This enables us to achieve a massive reduction in cycle time, a longer tool life and finer surfaces with the same grain size.

*Adaptive feed control: The feed of the tool is controlled depending on the torque applied.

The control and evaluation of the process is managed by a highly sensitive force control and can, for example, detect and trigger the following

  • Condition raw bore (too large / too small / none)
  • Tool status (start / end of tool life)
  • Processing aborted if a measured force is outside the defined process window

Workpiece clamping technology: A key factor

For difficult, e.g. thin-walled and small components, workpiece clamping technology is an essential success factor for achieving high form quality and automation. Microcut can offer various corresponding systems.












TOOL LENGTH (coated)


Microcut Honing System: The most important advantages


Highest precision and process capability in terms of shape such as roundness, parallelism, straightness and cylindricity, even with interrupted bores or workpieces with cross bores.


  • Very high process capability regarding diameter and very high reproducibility of the diameter
  • No measurement control necessary

Very good and reproducible surfaces in the bore

Process control:


  • Cylindrical shape is achieved by the process (no measurement control necessary to maintain the cylindrical shape)
  • One-piece tool with maximum diameter rigidity (steel)
  • No relevant bending of the tool shank as with internal grinding
  • Force controlled/monitored machining process
  • No diameter relevant infeed movement of the tool
  • Therefore no uncertainty due to friction, breakaway torque and elasticity
  • Minimal influence of temperature fluctuations (diameter of the bore)
  • A lot of grit available due to the tool length
  • Force controlled feed
  • Tool coating with small grit size possible
  • sonic-honing with axially and radially superimposed machining movement
  • No spontaneous change of the cutting coating, as it is galvanically coated in one layer
  • Force controlled machining process
  • Detection of faulty raw bores
  • Detection of process irregularities


Very short processing times


  • The adaptive feed control ensures optimum removal rate
  • sonic-honing with high-frequency workpiece oscillation (>50Hz)
  • High tool speed (>7000 rpm)
  • The tool has full contact with the surface (high number of grit in use)


Robust process even with bore diameters of less than 1 mm


  • Tool is one-piece and high-strength; works even with a diameter of 0.015 mm
  • Force controlled feed


Minimal system complexity


  • No adjustment of the cylinder shape required
  • No adjustment of the diameter necessary
  • No measurement control necessary


Various scalable automation options and easy integration with external automation solutions


  • Machine concept is designed for automation
  • High flexibility for customized solutions


Low space requirement:
Highest production capacity in the smallest space

Low energy consumption:


  • Compact design of the machine
  • Vertical spindle arrangement
  • Little moved mass
  • Energy-efficient drives

Microcut Honing System: Achievable values

Cri­ter­ion Achiev­a­ble values with the Micro­cut Honing System
Dia­me­ter range from 0.015 mm loo­se grit | from 0.25 mm — 8 mm bond­ed grit
Dia­me­ter tolerance +/- 0.5 µm
Bore length to bore diameter approx. 0.5 to 200 x D
Round­ness < 0.2 µm
Cylind­ri­ci­ty < 0.4 µm
Par­al­le­lism < 0.4 µm
Sur­face quality Rz < 1 µm with bond­ed grit
Cycle time Depen­ding on mate­ri­al, stock remo­val, bore length etc., typi­cal­ly from 10s
Parts Geo­me­tries Rota­tio­nal­ly and non-rota­tio­nal­ly symmetrical
Mate­ri­als PCD, sap­phi­re, cer­a­mics, tungs­ten car­bi­de, steel hard / soft, pow­der metall­ur­gi­cal steel, various metal alloys…

Checklist for Microcut Honing System

With this checklist we can assist you to find the best solution for you. We will contact you shortly.