The honing tool is the princip­le item of the Micro­cut Honing Sys­tem and is manu­fac­tu­red on cus­to­mer request or application-specific.

Micro­cut Honing Sys­tem Tools: Main features

  • Due to the one-pie­ce design, the honing tools are extre­me­ly robust even with the smal­lest dia­me­ters and the­re is no disper­si­on or drift due to a feed mechanism.

  • The coated length of 350 mm gua­ran­tees a long tool lifetime.
  • The coni­cal sec­tion is used to enlar­ge the bore.
  • The long cylind­ri­cal sec­tion gua­ran­tees a long life­time of final dia­me­ter of the honing tool.

  • Elec­tro­pla­ted CBN or dia­mond cut­ting mate­ri­als are available.
  • Honing tools in the dia­me­ter ran­ge from 0.25 — 8.00 mm.

  • The final dia­me­ter of the tools is avail­ab­le as stan­dard with a tole­ran­ce of 1 μm, 2 μm or 5 μm.
  • The smal­lest dia­mond grain that is elec­tro­pla­ted is D7 (μm) and can pro­du­ce a sur­face finish bet­ter than Rz 1 μm (~Ra 0.1 μm).
  • The tools pro­du­ce a final dia­me­ter of the bore with an excep­tio­nal­ly high repro­du­ci­bi­li­ty, without the need for mea­su­re­ment control.
  • The honing tools are very robust and can be elec­tro­pla­ted up to a Ø 0.25 mm.
  • Even if a tool is used again at a later date, it will pro­du­ce exact­ly the same dia­me­ter again without adjus­t­ment parts.

Check­list for Micro­cut Honing System

With this check­list we can assist you to find the best solu­ti­on for you. We will con­ta­ct you shortly.