The honing tool is the principle item of the Microcut Honing System and is manufactured on customer request or application-specific.

Microcut Honing System Tools: Main features

  • Due to the one-piece design, the honing tools are extremely robust even with the smallest diameters and there is no dispersion or drift due to a feed mechanism.

  • The coated length of 350 mm guarantees a long tool lifetime.
  • The conical section is used to enlarge the bore.
  • The long cylindrical section guarantees a long lifetime of final diameter of the honing tool.

  • Electroplated CBN or diamond cutting materials are available.
  • Honing tools in the diameter range from 0.25 – 8.00 mm.

  • The final diameter of the tools is available as standard with a tolerance of 1 μm, 2 μm or 5 μm.
  • The smallest diamond grain that is electroplated is D7 (μm) and can produce a surface finish better than Rz 1 μm (~Ra 0.1 μm).
  • The tools produce a final diameter of the bore with an exceptionally high reproducibility, without the need for measurement control.
  • The honing tools are very robust and can be electroplated up to a Ø 0.25 mm.
  • Even if a tool is used again at a later date, it will produce exactly the same diameter again without adjustment parts.

Checklist for Microcut Honing System

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