Tech­ni­cal infor­ma­ti­on for small bores

In our spe­cia­list libra­ry we offer you a lar­ge selec­tion of tech­ni­cal gui­des and infor­ma­ti­on for small bores

On the fol­lowing pages you will find pro­duct-rela­ted and tech­ni­cal infor­ma­ti­on for small bores. Down­load the cor­re­spon­ding PDF to your com­pu­ter quick­ly and easily.

Pre­cise and eco­no­mi­c­al machi­ning of small dia­me­ter bores


Edi­ti­on: 2018

High pre­cisi­on size and shape

Swiss Qua­li­ty Production

Edi­ti­on: 2017